Own It

+-*By Steve Whicker Ownership is talked about often at Eagle Brook. If you’re new to EBC, you might be thinking, what do they mean by owners? The word owner means one who assumes responsibility. For example, in your neighborhood, homeowners typically assume a higher level of responsibility for the lawn than renters do. Be an owner…


Six Phases of Transformation

+-*By Don Graffam One weekend, I met an attender and his wife who said they were attending Eagle Brook’s White Bear Lake campus for the first time. I asked what they thought of the experience and they said, “Um, we like the Lino Lakes campus better.” Most people typically lie to me at this point, but…


My Dream for Our Church

+-*To me, it’s always been about the one―the one person who needs Jesus, the one person who is on the fence, the one who is a mess.

RYB: John 17:13-26

+-*Jesus told his followers not to be of this world, but what does that mean? Culture, celebrities, and pressures of this day tell us: “Buy what you want, because it’s fine to go into debt” or “they wronged you, so you better take revenge” or even “sleep around in high school so you’ll have more experience in college.” Giving into those temptations would certainly make us of this world, and that’s exactly what Jesus warned us against. God has set his people apart, and he desires nothing more than for us to set our aims higher, set our eyes on…

RYB: Proverbs 2:1-11

+-*In our culture today, kids, teens and adults are all sick of being targeted and hit with marketing ploys. Online ads that pull from search history and trendy products that advertise empty promises have become a bit too much to deal with, yet all too common. Because people have been advertised to their entire lives, many come to church saying, “Show me, challenge me, convict me, but whatever you do, don’t water down or withhold the truth from me. Don’t try to sell me on another product.” At the end of the day, truth is truly what matters. And it…

RYB: Mark 2:13-17

+-*It can be true that bad company corrupts good character. Your sister may swear, your cousin sometimes drinks too much, and your colleague tends to gossip about your boss. These surely aren’t habits we want to form ourselves, but our response in these moments is very important. Yes, we must stand strong in our values and in God’s commandments; if someone is leading you astray from conduct God calls us to, then by all means, it’s time to part ways. But for the majority, Jesus beckons us to enter into relationship with others and show them the love of Christ.…

RYB: Psalm 25:1-15

+-*Theologians come up with new methods and trendy theories left and right, filling up bookshelves upon bookshelves in the Christian Living section in our local bookstores. Some you’ve heard before, some perhaps you haven’t, but overall, it can be so easy to just pick up a hardcover and get swept up in the newest spiritual idea and practice. In these moments, especially before signing up and hopping on board, it’s important to pause and seek God. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever; His truth doesn’t change, and his principles don’t either. Possibly the reason you’ve never heard…