Baptism Weekend // Feb. 8/9, 2014

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Jesus taught that while faith is personal, it was never meant to be private. This past weekend, our church watched nearly 700 people make their faith public through baptism. If you missed this incredible service, catch up on Teaching Pastor Jason Strand’s message and hear one of the many stories of transformation, love and grace. Click HERE to watch or listen.

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Simplify // Overcoming Apathy

posted February 3, 2014 by EBC Blog | |

“In light of all that God has done and given us, how can we not give our best in return: our best faith, our best effort, our best dedication, our best service,” Teaching Pastor Jason Anderson. God deserves our best, and we can give him that through our enthusiastic and fired-up faith. If you missed the final message in our Simplify series, catch up here.

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Simplify // Get to Give

posted January 29, 2014 by EBC Blog | |

“People who give to the Church start to love the Church. People who give to help people come to Christ start to care about people coming to Christ. People who give to God find their hearts and thoughts on God and godly things,” Teaching Pastor Jason Strand. Click here to watch or listen to week four of Simplify as Teaching Pastor Jason Strand teaches us how generosity leads to a simpler and more joy-filled life.

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Simplify // Overwhelmed Financially

posted January 21, 2014 by EBC Blog | |

Contentment is that freeing condition of the soul when you’ve decided that what you have is enough. Click here to watch or listen to week three of Simplify as Senior Pastor Bob Merritt teaches how to live within the margins of what we have and find joy and contentment in every situation.

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Simplify // Controlling Your Calendar

posted January 15, 2014 by EBC Blog | |

We live in a culture that normalizes the practice of over-extending ourselves. However, we have control over how we spend our time. Click here to watch or listen to this message as Senior Pastor Bob Merritt looks at what the Bible says about controlling our calendar and teaches how we can say no to doing some very good things so that we can do the most important things.   

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