Week 3 Resources: Joy in Struggle

posted June 16, 2014 by EBC Blog | |

What’s your biggest struggle these days? And do you believe that one day it will all turn out for your deliverance? That’s the kind of confidence Paul lived with, and that’s the kind of confidence that each of us can have through Christ. In this past weekend’s message “Joy in Struggle,” Jason Strand said, “God wants you to experience the joy of your faith. That doesn’t mean you need to…

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More than Happy // Joy in Reaching Others

posted June 10, 2014 by EBC Blog | |

Whether it’s at your school, gym, work place, or neighborhood, God has placed you where you are for a reason. Spend some time today asking God for an opportunity to reach others for Christ, right where you are. Click HERE to watch or listen to Pastor Bob’s message, “Joy in Reaching Others.”

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Week 2 Resources: Joy in Reaching Others

posted June 9, 2014 by EBC Blog | |

Have you ever said, “I just want to be happy”? The problem with happiness is that it’s temporary and depends on ever-changing circumstances. On the other hand, the upside of joy is that it carries an eternal quality and transcends any negative situation we could ever face. Even with life’s unhappy events, we can still have joy. Last week, Pastor Bob shared two essential ingredients to joy (click HERE for…

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More than Happy // Joy in Being Confident

posted June 3, 2014 by EBC Blog | |

In the first message of More than Happy, Senior Pastor Bob Merritt teaches about the difference between joy and happiness and shares two ways to find lasting joy. Click HERE to watch or listen to “Joy in Being Confident.”

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Week 1 Resources: “Joy in Being Confident”

posted June 2, 2014 by EBC Blog | |

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “If I just had more money, fewer pounds, a nicer car, or more fun experiences, then I’d be happy”? We can get a temporary jolt of happiness when we win a golf match, catch a fish, bump into a good friend, or wake up to a beautiful morning on the North Shore. But when we lose our golf matches, don’t catch any fish, have…

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